Anime Expo 2019 Main Hall Cosplay Photos

 Pictures taken in the main hall of Anime Expo 2019



This absolutely adorable cosplay 🐸 is by (link:

 Super cool Jeanne d'Arc Alter of Fate GO by

 Jolyne Cujoh of JJBA
 is my headcanon Jolyne now. They had such a powerful presence, look at that BDE glare! Fantastic work.

Amanda (link: and Diana (link: from Little Witch Academia! It's especially nice to see an Amanda cosplayer! And I loved that their accessories were matching!!

 Midler by (link:! It's so cool to see a fairly obscure Jojo character getting love especially with this awesome cosplay!


Nagato from Kancolle by the ever energetic she was dancing a posing nonstop in the South Hall! It really was a sight to behold. Not to mention the craftmenship of the entire cosplay. Absolutely amazing!!!

A beautiful Black Plugsuit Rei from the Evangelion Rebuilds and this is so so Quality!! 
 is always on point and (link:… looks incredible as Rei ✨

Ryuko from the Kill La Kill Video Game booth! By 
!She looks so powerful and beautiful as her, and was a real stand out in the Entertainment Hall